Metro & Transportation



The metro in Porto is a very good way to reach most of the city, however, it can be tricky to use for beginners. It consists of 6 lines, but many of them share the same stops for most of the city, and then separate in order to go to different directions.

If you want to go to a specific further away destination, wait for the right metro for you. In case you just want to move a few stops within the city, most metros will work for you, meaning much less waiting time and less full carriages, except at certain peak times.



In Porto, the Buses are operated by STCP (Sociedade de Transportes Coletivos do Porto) and work just like the Metro. You must have an already charged Andante Blue Card, as there are no automated machines or possibility to charge it within the bus.

If you do not have a rechargeable card or monthly pass, the bus fare paid directly to the driver costs 2,5€, and you must have the correct amount: because of the pandemic, the drivers are not allowed to give back change (subject to change depending on rules).

Just like for any metro ride, use your smartphone if you are not familiar with the place you are heading to! When entering a destination in google maps, it will present you with one or more Bus routes that pass through there, plus any other public or private transportation options, as well as the step by step process of which station or bus stop to head from and all stops in between there and your destination!


Andante Blue Card

In order to travel by bus or by metro, you must first purchase a blue Andante Card. This is a simple rechargeable paper card which you can purchase at any metro stop through a machine (english language available).

Unlike, for example, in Lisbon, this Card can be used for different means of transportation within the “maximum trip duration” depending on the fare paid: for example, you can ride as many buses and metros for the duration of 1h if you pay for the Zone2 fare. Please see below for an explanation of how the Zones work!

There is also a daily ticket, Andante 24, that allows you to make unlimited trips within 24h in the zones chosen. For example, a Z3 ticket is valid for 3 zones in any direction of travel from the first validated zone.

Andante Blue Card
  • Non-personalized paper ticket;
  • Rechargeable with any kind of travel title;
  • A ticket per person;
  • This ticket can contain several titles of the same type (for example, 10 x Z2 titles);
  • You can only change the type of fare when the card is empty (Example: changing from Z2 to Z3 is only possible once you used up all your Z2 titles);
  • Before you get on the train, you must validate your card by holding it in front of the sensor – when it beeps your ticket has been validated for the journey. There are no barriers to stop you at the metro, but the Metro security can enter the carriages and check your Andante Card to make sure you have validated it, and are travelling within the zones you purchased.
  • The first time you purchase a ticket through the machine, you must also buy the Andante card for €0.60.


Metro Zones

If you have a monthly pass, you just have to choose the zones in which you want to travel and then recharge your pass.

If you have a regular Andante Blue ticket, you must pay attention to the zone where your journey begins (the zone in which you validate your ticket) and the zone where it ends.

For example:

Z2 - With a Z2 title you can travel between the zone where you made your validation and the zones attached to that initial zone.

Z3 - With a Z3 title you can travel between the zone where you made your validation, the zones attached to that initial zone and the zones attached to these last zones.

Z4 - With a Z4 title you can travel between the zone where you made your validation, the zones attached to the initial zone, the zones attached to this last one, and so on.

Click here for an interactive Zones map to help you best decide what fare you should take.

Please keep in mind that if you travel to different zones on different days, you can either recharge your Andante card with a different zone every day, or purchase a few different Andante Cards which you charge with different zones. However, use a pen to mark your Andante Card for which zone you charge it with in order to know which one to use! Alternatively, enter them in the recharging machine to see which zones you have charged on the entered card.

Where to Recharge your Andante Card
  • At the Andante shops;
  • Automated machines at metro stations.
  • At certain private bus companies: Espírito Santo, Rua Tenente Valadim, 948 – Vila Nova de Gaia; Gondomarense, Central Shopping, Campo 24 de Agosto; Valpi, Praça General Humberto Delgado, 339 – Porto; 
  • At the STCP stations at Campo 24 de Agosto, Hospital São João, Bom Sucesso, Loja do Cidadão;
  • At the railway station ticket offices in: CP Ermesinde, General Torres, Campanhã and Espinho; 
  • São Bento Railway Station.


Please keep in mind

There are no entry or exit barriers at any metro station. However, all Cards must be validated every time you board a vehicle to start your travel, or change to another line or vehicle (ex: switching metros, or from bus to metro).

You must validate, at most, 10 minutes before your trip starts.

For validating correctly, put your Andante ticket near the validation machines: (as shown in picture)

The display will show the following information:

  • Green light: Validated; or Red light: Not Validated - Repeat the validation if necessary.
  • Título Z2 (or whatever fare you have charged in your ticket)
  • Saldo (Balance): (number of trips available) Viagens
  • Tempo Disponível: (Time remaining)
  • Boa Viagem: Have a nice trip!


Monthly Pass

The Andante monthly pass is the Andante Gold Ticket. It is valid for the zones of your choosing, and will allow you to travel to those zones for one month.

The Andante Gold has your name and photo (can only be used by yourself)

Price for (only) the card: 6€

You can purchase it at Andante shops & points of sale: check here

You can travel for a month, anytime you want within the zones you choose.

Recharging your Monthly Pass with ATM’s (only with Portuguese bank account!)

In order to recharge your Monthly Pass:

  • Insert your credit card in the ATM (Multibanco) and insert your pin number
  • Chose the option “Payments and other services”
  • Chose the option “Transports”
  • Chose “Recharging travel tickets”
  • Then you take your credit card and insert your Monthly Pass. Now you confirm all your options and recharge your Pass.

This method for recharging your Monthly Ticket is available in every MultiBanco (MB - Portuguese ATM) in Porto. It’s easier, faster and available 24 hours a day. This method also enables customers to recharge their Monthly Pass for the present month and for the following month.

Don’t forget to recharge your Pass every month. The value you pay is always the same. If you recharge your Pass on the first day of the month you will pay the same as you would pay if you recharge it any other day of that month.