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Welcome to Porto!

Our trips and activities are exclusive to members so you must have the Erasmus Card to participate! You pay only once for the Card, and it is valid for one year!

By ex-erasmus students who liked it so much they wanted to continue!
Exclusive discounts, events, trips and parties for international people!
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Erasmus Life Porto

Digital Card


One year Membership

Gives you access to our events: hundreds of free and paid events, parties, trips & activities every year!

Erasmus Life Porto

Digital Card + Voucher Package


One year Membership

Gives you access to our events: hundreds of free and paid events, parties, trips & activities every year!

4 x 5€ vouchers to use at our trips

If you are checking our page, it probably means you are or are about to be an Erasmus student in Porto... Congratulations!
We are sure that you will love our city and it will love you too, and by the end of your exchange period you will call it home and never want to leave! We want to help make this experience even better and here you can find some information about our Erasmus card, the card of choice for thousands of students from the Erasmus Life project, with Erasmus Life Lisboa from 2013 and Erasmus Life Porto since 2021.
Not only Erasmus students can enjoy our amazing events, trips and parties. If you are in Porto for your internship, Master studies or anything else you can still be a part of our family!
Every international student or worker is welcome to visit our office to get all the help you need, or to make your Erasmus Life Porto Card.

Making Your Erasmus Life Porto Card

By clicking the Get Your Erasmus Card button, you will be redirected to the digital card platform, where you purchase the card and enter your personal information.

Please make sure to also insert a visible photo of yourself in the "thumbnail" section of the form so we can identify you!

Once the card is done, make sure to add it to your smartphone digital wallet to keep it easily accessible.

Please contact us at info@erasmus-porto.com if you run into any issues!

Erasmus Life Porto Visitor Pass


The Erasmus Card costs 20€ and is valid for one year.

If you have a friend temporarily visiting Porto and you would like to join the events together, that is possible!

Erasmus Life Porto members can purchase a Visitor Pass for their friends, which works just like a temporary Erasmus Life Porto Card, for either 5 or 10 days.

Complete the purchase below and send us the requested information of the Visitor: requested validity days, full name, email address, phone number and a small digital picture, by email to info@erasmuslifeporto.com