Erasmus Life Porto

First of all, if you are checking this page it probably means you are or are about to be an Erasmus student in Porto... Congratulations!

We are sure that you will love our city and it will love you too, and by the end of your exchange period you will call it home and never want to leave! 

Erasmus Life Porto is a non-profit Association created by former exchange students who had such a nice experience abroad, that we wanted to welcome everyone in our own City, in the best, most fun possible way!

In our team, you will find Portuguese and foreign young professionals, but also volunteers and interns - yes, we are also doing our Erasmus! Except that for some of us, instead of 6 months, abroad, we have been living the Erasmus Life for the past 7 years…!! 

Our experience starts in Lisbon, with the creation of Erasmus Life Lisboa around 2013. Since then, we count over 30.000 members that have enjoyed hundreds of local activities, trips all over the country (and outside too!) and parties every year, that have created many amazing memories both for the organisation and participants… as well as many nights that you might not remember but will definitely never forget!

With a new opportunity in the city of Porto, our mission is to make this the number 1 choice for all international students who venture abroad to study in a new city! We’re here to help you from even before your arrival, until the end of your exchange experience, and making sure that you have a lot of fun throughout!

Not only Erasmus students can enjoy our events, parties and trips, as if you are in Porto for your internship, master studies or for any other reason, you can still be a part of our family! Any international person is welcome to visit our office, have any questions you might have answered, and get your Erasmus Life Porto Card to participate in our events! 

Our trips and activities are exclusive for Erasmus Life Porto Cardholders and members with the Erasmus Life Porto Wristband. If you are just visiting from Lisbon or Aveiro, and have either your Erasmus Life Lisboa Card or Erasmus Life Aveiro Card, you can also participate in our events - if you have your Erasmus Life Porto Card, you can also join the activities of our partners Erasmus Life Lisboa and Erasmus Life Aveiro!

After reading all this… go check out our Erasmus Card! 

And remember: Erasmus is not one year in your Life, but your Life in one year!