Shipping Services


Did you buy too much stuff and now your luggage is too heavy to take back on the plane?

Well we thought this could happen! With Eurosender you are able to send away your luggage from door to door for a very reasonable price. They provide a service to deliver your luggage back to your home country, and with your Erasmus Life Card you will have a 10% discount on the total cost of the shipping and delivery.

Enter the promotion code LIFEPORTO to get the 10% discount!

Please wrap your luggage properly and in case it has zippers use locks to close it.

Find more info about the weight and the items you can ship, or make the booking at:


Use code LIFEPORTO for 10% discount on your shipping and delivery cost!


Mobile Network

WTF - Free SIM Card

Visit our office and pick up your WTF SIM Card with your new Portuguese phone number for free! Select from three different prepaid monthly plans.


So, what can you have with this WTF pre-paid SIM CARD (1 GB plan - other plans available):

– 1GB Internet

– 5GB Youtube & Spotify

– unlimited texts and 1000 minutes to Portuguese phone numbers

– 2 movies tickets in NOS Cinemas for the price of 1

– FREE use of Messaging Apps: Whatsapp, Skype, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Facebook, Snapchat, Facetime, Imessage, Blackberry Messenger and Instagram.

– UE ROAMING: 100minutes/month + 100 sms/month + 100MB/month

– Bonus of 2,50€ every time you top-up 10€ or more!

To continue using the SIM card, you just need to top-up 10,80€ as a monthly fee to renew the plan!! Take a look here for more information:

Where to charge your WTF card?

The easiest way to charge your card is at our office where we will charge it for you! Another option is to find a NOS store and ask one of the employees to charge it. At any Portuguese ATM you can also charge it but there you will need a Portuguese bank account.

How to find out how much credit you still have?

This one is easy to know! Dial *111# for free and you will receive a message with more information.

How to use the movie tickets promotion?

Buy one ticket and get one for free every time you go to the cinema. To start using this discount it will be necessary first to pass at the NOS store in Armazéns do Chiado. Here you will have to register your ID number or your passport. Afterwards you can just send a SMS saying “Cinema” to 12055 – get a code back and show this to the cashier at NOS cinemas, along with your ID/passport. This code is just valid for one time and each time you want to go to the cinema you will have to send the text message to get a new code.

Banking Services

BPI Bank

With your Erasmus Life Porto Card, you can open a free Portuguese Bank Account without a NIF number!

What are the advantages of a Portuguese bank account?

  • Avoid carrying too much money around;
  • Avoid paying maintenance/cancellation bank fees;
  • Avoid paying withdrawal taxes, or commissions for bank transactions;
  • Be able to pay your rent and day to day expenses easily;
  • Be able to charge your Portuguese mobile phone in any ATM;
  • Charge your monthly transportation pass;
  • Pay all kind of services, and more!

  • Form for registration costs 5€ at the Erasmus Life Porto office.
  • Free account for up to 6 months and up to 26 years old. Different conditions may apply in other circumstances.
  • No need for portuguese NIF number.
  • Copy of ID or Passport necessary. Other documents might be necessary for students or international people outside of the EU.